EJ-June Q1 Open Age Playstation (13-19 September)

Registration number: 1018
Registrator: June Hay
Leader: June Hay
EJ-June was one of 408 clubs from Australia that had teams playing during FV eSeries 2021. They participated with one team in Q1 Open Age PlayStation (13-19 September).

In addition to EJ-June, 63 other teams played in Q1 Open Age PlayStation (13-19 September). They were divided into 8 different groups, whereof EJ-June could be found in Group H together with iPelusa10, cmatt35591, EasyKimchiSnipa, Medreuz, Hayden3010, sahima and griffry808.

EJ-June comes from Geelong, Corio which lies approximately 60 km from Melbourne , where FV eSeries takes place. The area around Geelong, Corio does also provide 29 additional clubs participating during FV eSeries 2021 (Among others: vinny1112233, BTM_KING25, hasanelbanna, Zxcvbnm12345136, blase_nitrogen6, Spencetor, zacmoreira05, Mattywrightlfc, GB77_banno and Xifcox).

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