HaydenCat22 Q2 16 & Under XBox (20-26 September)

Registration number: 1435
Registrator: Hayden Stockdale
HaydenCat22 was one of 408 clubs from Australia that had teams playing during FV eSeries 2021. They participated with one team in Q2 16 & Under XBox (20-26 September).

In addition to HaydenCat22, 16 other teams played in Q2 16 & Under XBox (20-26 September). They were divided into 2 different groups, whereof HaydenCat22 could be found in Group B together with jeffcenaiz1, Jakey124, Nebaltreeh, TwoLion24874727, Xifcox, mdeja scar, Gibon#3465 and Noesy 259.

HaydenCat22 comes from Morwell which lies approximately 130 km from Melbourne , where FV eSeries takes place. The area around Morwell does also provide five additional clubs participating during FV eSeries 2021 (LDoultree1, Faze_Tofu_234, Hazzaandsam, Calvinattor289 and Jackowacko#3623).

4 games played


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