Football Victoria ESeries

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The inaugural FV E-Series is now over after a thrilling finals series!

On behalf of the entire Football Victoria team, thank everyone who participated. It was a fantastic event that connected people in the Victorian football community and allowed them to compete in a unique and new setting.

Congratulations to our winners in each group:

Xbox Junior: NathyXP19

Xbox Open: The I3ully

PlayStation Junior: Damanteerth

PlayStation Open: Sesto600 

Overall, 623 teams registered for the tournament, resulting in more than 1000 games played and 6676 goals being scored.

We hope to bring you more tournaments like this in the future, if you are keen to be updated on any upcoming FV E-Series events please enter your info in the following link:

For players who wish to remain connected and play friendlies with other members of the Victorian football community, you can join our Discord at :

Kind regards

Football Victoria

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Skriv inn det du søker. Det kan være et lag (ALB_LIRON_10 Q1 Open Age PlayStation (13-19 September)), spillested (Online), en pulje (Q1 16 & Under PlayStation (13-19 September) Group A) eller en klasse (Q1 16 & Under XBox (13-19 September))

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